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Skip drills are some of the more advanced motor skill exercises to execute. These movements require a greater degree of coordination and motor control for better performance. The ability to coordinate the cadence of the arm swing with the leg movements and the double foot strike is a skill that improves with practice. The basic form of skipping is slow and deliberate and should follow a straight line without significant deviation of the limbs or trunk to the right or left. Of all the drills, technical running exercises are the most intense and potentially most difficult to perform properly. The speed of movement in the arms and legs are the hardest to perform in the skip forms of drills. The rhythm of movement, as measured by the cadence of foot strikes, closely resembles full stride running. Emphasis during skip drills (and in all of the drills) is on an upright body posture, coordinated movement of the arms and legs, wide range of motion at the hips, knees and ankles and stability of movement. This will strengthen hip flexors, hamstrings, quadriceps, and enhance neuromuscular development. As you become more accomplished with the drills, Skip drills will represent a nice warm-up for the motor development exercises.

A Skips:

B Skips:

Combining the A and B skip

High Knees

It is a given for most athletes if not all to do a warm up before attempting vigorous exercise activity. High Knees is a drill for the ages from the ages.  It has been around for ever and will be here long after we have moved on. This drill is great for hip flexor and ankle strength. It will also be a great addition to technical reinforcement and neuromuscular coordination. Other muscle groups that this movement will flush blood to are the Glutes, Hamstrings, and the capsule of the knees.  When applied correctly, this drill will enhance your running efficiency.

Heel Kick (butt kicks)

Consisting of three sections, the hamstring tends to be an underdeveloped and neglected muscle by many athletes. The Hamstring plays a major role in knee flexion and hip extension. Part of this muscle is also important for the rotation of the feet outward at the knee and hip joint. They are also responsible for knee flexion and hip extension but while the biceps femoris rotates the knee outwards, they perform the opposite movement being inward rotation.