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As we're in the beginning of the training season, the fall training for your track & field athletes has begun. Let's begin with the sprinters. Where are they right now in their conditioning program?
We have entered into our season with bull's-eyes on main components that need to be assessed, beginning with our mental prowess. Our conditionings in the areas of execution are being analyzed for further enhancement in our later phases.

Alexa Morris and Iesha Hardiman had a tremendous 2008 campaign. As the PAUSATF and ICG 100 outdoor champion and PAUSATF 400 champion as freshmen, how are they being brought along now in her first year in High School?
High school is always an interesting new world to walk into. We have been focusing on the acclimation to the academic demands before they can get re-acquainted with the track. Alexa has been doing well and is poised and ready for an enormous break through, mentally and physically. Iesha is ready to start a new chapter in her book of track experience. After coming off the 55.16 she ran at the nationals this summer, I find myself having to hold her back, while she is anxiously wanted to begin where she left off.

Taking a look at the sprinters, what phase of conditioning are they in right now?
We are in the tale end of a loading phase. I will soon be testing them to see where they are in conjunction with the projections that I have mapped out for them.

Who are some of the sprinters who have shown early signs of success heading into the indoor season?
There are many that have shown they may be ready to embark on the journey of the few into the Elite national realm. Johnny beard, 11.25 and 22.74 last season as an 8th grader; Gerrald Belong, presently in the 8th grade and a Pal Football standout, also part of the national leading 4x1 and 4x4 teams; Alexa and Iesha in their respective events; and a few new faces that have been in the shed preparing along with some old returnees that took a small break will also make an impact.

Do you conduct a fall testing program? If so, what events do you test for and at what point in the fall will this take place?
There are a variety of track and field tests we perform. More common track and field tests will be the sprinting and running activities. However we also assess our fitness level at the throwing events or the high, long and triple jump. Assessing the power, stride, mobility, flexibility, and frequency at which many movements are done are critical to the development of our athletes. These tests will be administered approximately every 6.5 weeks.

With a strong group of sprinters this season, where are they in their fall development?
Many of the boys are in fall sports such as football. Some of the young ladies, not many, are in soccer, but the ones that are conditioning right now are in a great position. Being able to spend the necessary time to condition other components of the body are critical with heading into this next season. As far as where they are in their fall development,..."movement"...

How important is the weight room and other exercises to your athletes as they prepare for the indoor season?
Depending on the level of the athlete and what they have been predisposed to, weight application is a critical portion for most athletes. There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL way of doing things, and there are an infinite number of ways to strengthen people, but when accessible, the strength gains in general will help with everything. Power is the application of strength with speed.

The fall is a great time for each group to get together and know each other, especially for the new athletes. Who are some of the new faces that could make an impact this season and how have they done so far this fall for you?
It is always an uncomfortable place for a new face to come into a camp of athletes acclimated to a certain style and regimen. But if you're going to participate, then why not dive in headfirst. Andrea is one of the new faces that will make an impact. Of Latin origin, she will be one of the few known underdogs to try to make her way to the forefront of HS track and field. Karen is our new 7th grade track baby. Not in the literal sense, but she is so new to track and field but has the work ethic and desire of a national champion. It will be interesting to just watch her improve.

You'll kick off the indoor season at the Simplot Games; the same track saw the likes of Bianca Knight, Jeneba Tarmoh and Ashton Purvis. The schedule also features plenty of opportunities for your athletes to qualify for the NSIC in New York. With the schedule in mind, how do you best prepare your athletes for the season knowing that they'll have plenty of chances to get their qualifying marks for the Jr Nationals out of the way?
Sticking to the game plan and the regimen, not deviating unless i have to, is the key. I plan ahead so they wont have the venues that mean the most conflict with the demands of their regimen.

What is the general plan for your athletes training for this holiday season?
Consistency, knowing how to manage time and still stay on task as scholar athletes will get them... us... through the holiday season. The tracks are all weather and so are we.