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About ISC

ISC International is finally entering into its teenage years. Eclipsing an outstanding 13th year of competition, Integrated Speed Concepts will move forward in its journey towards outreach. With over 20 "All American" athletes returning, we at ISC are excited to see what the future holds for our athletes at their respective schools and venues.

Our Mission Statement:

"To provide an equitable opportunity for all students to participate in Age group, High School, Intercollegiate, and post collegiate Athletics while succeeding in obtaining their academic or vocational goals. ISC International asserts that athletic participation helps promote leadership development, time management skills, sportsmanship, positive role models, peer group interaction, determination, risk-taking and perseverance. The ISC Staff and parents strongly endorse a comprehensive program that encourages the development of each student-athlete's values and character, sees its activities as an integral part of campus life and as a positive aspect of the overall educational experience for its participants."

Every student-athlete, male and female, in all sports will receive equitable and fair treatment. ISC is committed to providing quality coaching and support services for our student-athletes as it encourages participation and supports students in their efforts to reach their potential in both athletic and academic performance.

ISC insists upon, applauds and encourages sportsmanship, ethical conduct, fair play and respect of its opponents and game officials by coaches, staff, student-athletes and fans in every phase of competition.